Nokta Makro Smplex+ Find

1797 Large Cent

in Metal Detecting Finds Stories

I had an hour to spare yesterday during a rain storm and was lucky enough to find a 1797 Large Cent. I saw an old beer can 20’ away from this target that showed a solid 88 on the VDI and a crisp sharp tone on my Simplex. I went over to the can and gave it a swing. It rang up a 78/82 with a similar tone. I wrote my target off as a beer can and began to dig. I ran into several finger size roots and a small coconut size rock. Then it appeared from the earth. It was about 8” deep. It was down-pouring so I put it into my finds container and finished out the session. When I got home I was astonished when I saw the right facing draped bust. Needless to say, I am very happy with my find. I learned some important lessons from this hunt, no matter the weather and even if you only have an hour. If there is a beer can right nest you and you're certain you're digging the same. And if your about to give up because your hitting roots and rocks and it’s not easy digging, don’t give up. Keep digging!

By: Dennis B

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