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Found This

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My grandson and I were digging deep in the woods on a hill near an old hand dug rock lined well. There was an old rock foundation that could have been either an old shed or house of some sort. This area in the woods is hard to access even on a 4 wheeler. An old road bed is visible but grown up. We detected the area and found some old metal strapping that looked like it could have come from an old cask of some sort. Some old bucket parts were found in the same area. The most interesting find was an old railroad spike. Why was this spike so far back in the woods? Could there have been a small railroad track here with some type of push car for it? The only thing we could think of was that this was used as an old still. More looking may turn up some type of firepit or the railroad itself. Not far from this area ( 1/2+ mile) in a bottom area is another hand dug well exactly like this one but it has a top on it. Near it is are 2 concrete walls about 4' long held together by 2 railroad tracks. Could this have been a firepit and the well a source of water for another still in this area. This area is known for a small gauge railroad being used in some cannel coal mines. Could this have been a railroad used to ferry supplies in and out for a still on a push car? Can't wait to get back there and look closer for more finds.

By: Richard S.


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