Amazing Finds with the Nokta Makro PulseDive

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Took the PulseDive with the new 8” coil out to an old beach I’ve been eyeing off for a while. From the outset it was obvious that the bigger 8” coil was getting some serious depth on the sinkers and coins which were coming in fast and furious!

It wasn’t long before I found my first ring for the day and then another and another!

It was probably 30 minutes before I found the first gold ring, a beautiful 18ct wedding band. Before I knew it, 7 hours of snorkelling bliss had passed and I had a total of 14 rings, 6 of which were gold and a handful of coins dating back to as far as 1885!

Here is a photo of all of the finds made that weekend with the Pulse dive ????

I’ll be keeping this little unit in my car from now on!

By Edward Burnett, owner of Detect-Ed / Carbon Fiber Metal Detector Shafts and more. View all his products here.


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