Garrett AT Pro - Nothing Into Something

Garrett AT Pro - Nothing Into Something

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I had about and hour and a half to hunt before work one morning, so I went to a local spot I have hit a few times and pulled a couple pieces of silver jewlery out of, I found a couples dollars worth of clad change and my third to last hole I get a 43 signal, anyone who swings the ATPro knows this signal is normally something tinfoil related, so I flip the pulled and start pinpointing and find my target, The target ended up being a ring made by ArtCarved made with Siladium which is a fancy word for the stainless steel alloy jewelers use.. I take the ring to work and clean it up a bit and it says United States Olympic Team 1980 , I thought after reading its made from stainless steel that its just a novelty ring that you can buy for a few dollars at a gas station and that it was nothing special , so later that day i was slow at work and decided to google the inscription on the ring and what it says its made of and what i found absolutely shocked me , what i thought was a novelty ring turned out to be a ring given to competitors of the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics and was never for sale to the general public to acquire one you had to compete and it just so happens that this year the USA Olympic hockey Team Upset the Soviets , Leaving this game to be known as " The Miracle On Ice" and the most recent Auction price i could find for one that sold was 484 dollars Hence the title of this story what i thought was nothing ended up being one of the most significant recoveries i have ever made so always do research on what you find do not just assume because its not Silver or Gold that its not significant and one thing that makes this piece even that much better is that there were only 5179 competitors that year plus a few coaches so this ring is 1 of around 5300 or so ever made , and 1 of who knows how many are still in existence .

By: William Weigel

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